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Delay subtly replies to Afia Schwar’s latest insults – Check it Out

Delay subtly replies to Afia Schwar’s latest insults

Just about three days ago, Afia Schwar went haywire on the internet again after accusing Delay of throwing subtle shots at her.

According to troublesome Afia Schwar, she has been monitoring Delay for some time now – And has realized her former boss and bestie indirectly punches her on her Delay Show program.

Reacting to the subtle jabs and shades from Delay, Afia Schwar dared her sworn enemy to mention her name if she’s truly the beef heavyweight champion that she claims to be.

She also rained all manner of insults on her including mocking the TV show host for being childless at her advanced age.

In Afia Schwar’s video that has been pinned as disgusting by a section of social media users, she also vowed to make sure that Delay cries again as she made her do a few months ago on live radio.

Well, Delay who’s known to have a cool and calm personality has obliquely reacted to Afia Schwar’s attack and according to her; As far as she’s financially doing well than her, she’s not perturbed with her insults.

Sharing an alluring picture of her on Twitter just after Afia Schwar’s slander campaign, she bragged that she’s a CEO – Hence she’s in a league of her own so Afia Schwar should shut up.

Take a look at the screenshot below to know more…

Afia Schwar whose career and relevance centres on needless beefs will certainly take offence in this harmless post from Delay and brutally descend on her again.

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