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How To Monetizes Your Audiomack Account (Monetization)

How To Monetizes Your Audiomack Account (Monetization)

How To Monetizes Your Audiomack Account (Monetization). The Audiomack Monetization Program (AMP) gives creators greater access to the Audiomack tools and or other unique features.

It also enables creators to generate revenues for all qualified creators. Monetization is now open to all creators worldwide. Its a newly added program, The program hopes to expand to be bigger and better as it move along.

The AMP program vision is to give artists a full guide and help them build their careers and proof to the world that they are really who they said to be.

The program is well stretched to bringing in revenues for creators, from their streams which audiomack will invest back in their career to help them enjoy what they really deserve and modify their careers to keep them producing quality content.

After qualifying for AMP program, it means you are closer in making money with audiomack, remember you will only be paid for the streams on your account, so the more streams the more money you could earn.

It’s advisable to build your profile to a standard which proves that you are a serious creator and another key thing is building an active fanbase which always helps boost your plays.

Words From The Founder

The CMO and Co-Founder of audiomack David Ponte said the establishment of the Audiomack Monetization Program (AMP) for creators is a milestone they have been working towards over years and finally here it is.

He also stated that “Uploading to Audiomack is often the first step for artists trying to build an audience and a music career, and now it will be the first place they monetize their work.”

How To Apply For (AMP) As A Creator

The Audiomack Monetization Program is open to all authenticated creators worldwide to power their spirit to do more as they start to earn from the work they do.

Let’s dive in to learn “How To Monetizes Your Audiomack Account (Monetization)”

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  • Follow all audiomack terms and services
  • Be an authenticated creator
  • Have at least 1,000 followers
  • Have at least 10,000 streams
  • Apply for AMP 
  • On your dashboard click on monetization
  • Click on apply for AMP
  • If you qualify click again to apply
  • Submit your email and a short note why you need the program

Below are steps on how to apply for monetization

    1. Following audiomack terms and services is the first thing they check when you apply for any entry, it shows how responsible you are as a creator and also gives them a clear idea about who you are, what you are up to and how you easily comply with rules. Audiomack has been one of the top music streaming sites that’s not play with its guidelines so you must be very careful on how you use the platform not to find yourself wanted.
    2. Authentication is the second stage that qualifies you into the Audiomack Monetization Program. To be able to monetize your music, it is necessary to become a verified artist, distinguish yourself as a creator and gain access to the creator tools and services such as the monetization tool.
    1. The monetization program required 1,000 minimum followings which will qualify you into the program. It means before you could gain access to the program you are already having a lot of content in your account just like youtube. With this as the third stage, you have some few steps into the monetization program
    2. The 10,000 streams is the final requirement from audiomack, in meeting these criteria audiomack will be fully convest that you are a mainstream unique creator and people actually love your craft. Now  audiomack is set to bring the best out of you with its AMP program.
    3. In your dashboard at the left side under the Browse list click on Monetization
    4. A new window will popup with a section ‘‘Apply For AMP’’ click on it
    5. Another new window will popup with three sections (Authentication Status) to determine your eligibility. Again click Apply
  1. Enter your email address and write a short note on why you need this account
  2. Now click on the submit button.

Congratulations you have successfully Applied for AMP

Coming Soon

Audiomack AMP program has now gone worldwide, go on upload more to earn more, audiomack announced on 8th July that the AMP program is now worldwide so all authenticated creators can now apply and start earning.

It also calls on its creators to utilize the free tools and services such as the Creator Dashboard and apply for authentication to gain access to Audiomack For Creators.

Audiomack Minimum Payout

The company intends to allow a minimum payout of $50 in your AMP account, if you are eligible for payment.

How To Calculate Your Earnings/Revenues

  1. Put simply, Audiomack calculates “revenue per stream” base on revenue generates from advertisements and subscriptions (minus costs) divided by the number of total streams on the Audiomack platform in a calendar month. AMP creators are paid based on the number of streams of their monetized content, multiplied by the “revenue per stream,” multiplied by the AMP revenue share, which is fifty (50%) percent.
  2. There is no fixed “per-stream rate.” Rather, the rates fluctuate based on a variety of factors, including what country the streams occurred in, the number of monetized streams on the platform, the amount of total revenue generated, and more.

When Audiomack wins, creators win. It costs money to operate a platform that helps creators further their careers, but AMP exists to make sure creators are paid for their contributions. The more users our platform gains, the more money we can pay our creator community


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