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I was only exhibiting my acting talent – Nursing Trainee who threatened to kill clients

I was only exhibiting my acting talent – Nursing Trainee who threatened to kill clients

She explained that she was only exhibiting her acting talent by mimicking a video recorded by a Kenyan TikToker.

“I was just trying a Kenyan comic video that was trending (on TikTok). On TikTok, if there is a sound (video) that is out, you always try and exhibit your talent. And so I decided to also get into a trend.

“So, I used my uniform for an English version (of the video). My followers on TikTok then encouraged me to do a Wale version. I sat for some hours and interpreted it in Wale because it was very difficult for me to get the content.

“Because it (the video) was about the nursing profession, I decided to use my uniform so that it would make it more creative. I deleted it that very day, but unfortunately, some people were able to download it,” she said in a TV3 interview monitored by GhanaWeb.

She added that she has regretted shooting that video and that it has never been her intent to hurt any person now or in the future.

She also apologises to the Nursing and Midwifery Council because she is aware that her actions have brought the image of the profession into disrepute.

In the said video, which was shared on many social media platforms, the young student nurse can be heard threatening to kill her patients.

According to the nurse, any patient who comes to meet her at where she works should run away or risk losing their life.

Her reason is that her family forced her to be a nurse against her will.

In a video shared on Metro TV’s Facebook page, she said, “ I don’t want to be a nurse but my family said I should study nursing. Soon I will start working, so any patient who comes to meet me should run away or I kill them.”

Watch the video below:


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