People Suffer From These Diseases Because They Keep Sending Their Phones To The Toilet.

People Suffer From These Diseases Because They Keep Sending Their Phones To The Toilet.

Ever since mobile devices became the primary mode of contact for people, it seems no boundary exists to separate the hand and phone. Despite the washroom being a most solitary endeavor, many are using it as an opportunity to multi task; checking and responding to emails, scrolling through friends’ photos on social media and even responding to texts or talking on the phone. But, can you even imagine how bad this habit is? Probably not. 

You must be wondering what’s the big deal? But what if we tell you that taking your phone to the loo is the biggest health mistake that you’re committing. You know why? Because it can lead to health hazards. Yes, it’s true.

Basically, when you take your phone to the loo, you spend more time there, and this expose you certain health conditions which challenging most people who fall victim.

Hemorrhoids or piles.

The actual act of using your phone is not the problem, but instead the amount of time it adds to sitting on the toilet can be a danger to us. The study found that those who used their cell phone on the toilet had a higher rate of hemorrhoids. Time wasted in the washroom is mostly extended when while using a mobile phone. Surprisingly, your casual 30-minute time in the washroom can lead to hemorrhoids, as the body gets confused and becomes accustomed to long sessions in the bathroom. Hemorrhoids, locally known as piles, are basically inflamed veins near your anal area that can bleed, and can feel super itchy and painful.

Urinary Tract Infections – UTI.

If you take your cell phone to the toilet, there are chances that your phone gets covered in germs. There germs everywhere in the washroom, be it the toilet seat, paper roll or even the door knob. Using phone in the washroom renders hand washing after using the toilet useless. This is because once you hold the phone again, the germs are transferred to the hands again. And when these pathogens find their way in the genitals when touching there with the hands. It makes you easily prone to UTIs.


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